Top 5 Best Clone Apps To Run Multiple Accounts in Android

You may be using a single social media account on your mobile phone. But this problem arises when you have to use a lot of social media accounts. And I will tell you five such applications to solve this problem With the help of which you can enjoy using more than one social media account on your mobile. 

There are many applications in the market to solve this problem. The application creates a clone conversion of your basic application. With the help of which you can use more than one account in this clone application. You will find all these applications on Play Store. But there are countless such apps on the Play Store. So let me tell you the five best apps that can help you easily run multiple accounts at once. 


An application called 2Accounts is now well known for cloning apps on the play store. This app can easily convert your Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and many more applications into clones. What's special about this app is that you can create more than one clone. This application has been provided by MA Team for absolutely free. 


This application differs from other clone applications in that it provides you with security features. This allows you to lock cloned apps to protect your privacy. The application allows you to create more than one account. In these locking features, you can use a password pattern as well as a fingerprint. This application has been provided by Trend Micro Incorporated for free.


Multi-multiple accounts application allows you to take multiple Clone from multiple social media accounts as well as other applications. What is special about this is that it gives you a simple user interface. So that any type of person can easily understand the application.

DO Multiple Accounts

The DO Multiple Accounts application has a simpler user interface than any other application. In this, you are given a security lock just like Dr.Clone. It allows you to secure your cloned application. With this, you can enjoy not only social media applications but also games by phone. This application has been provided by River Stone Tech for free.

Super Clone

The Super Clone application lets you apply with a private servant. Which allows you to keep your cloned application safe and secure. As well as this makes the cloned application more interesting. This application has been provided by Polestar App Cloner Dev for free.

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This way you can use multiple accounts from one mobile phone. You can download all the above-mentioned applications from Google Playstore.