Best 5 websites for file sharing : without registration

Best 5 websites for file sharing : without registration

When you have to share any large file with a large number of people. That's when a lot of difficulties come up for file sharing. Such as the file size limit is the limit to share in different applications And because of this limit, you can't share a file bigger than this. For example, you can send a file up to 25 MB in Mail and if you talk about WhatsApp, you can send some files up to 100 MB in WhatsApp too. If you are bothered by this limit you can share your file with a lot of people using the website I say And you don't have to do any registration on this website. You can share your file directly. After sharing the file, there will be an option to download the file directly. Let me tell you about 5 such websites which are as under.


Wetransfer img

This site helps a lot to share many files at once. You do not have to make any registration in the requirements of the Wetransfer website. You can share files up to 2GB at a time. The user interface of this website is so simple that anyone can easily understand this site. You are given a minimum of seven days after you share any file. After these 7 days, the file will be automatically deleted from this site. You can also add a password to secure the file so that no stranger can download your file.


gofile img

There is no requirement to make any registration on this site. You can share Unlimited files on this site And this website does not have any kind of file expiry time Which allows you to store your file longer. You can also share your files anonymously.


ufile img

Ufile website allows you to share files without registration. You can upload files up to 5 GB. After uploading you will be given a link. Or if you want to send a file to someone by mail, it also gives you the option to send mail. Thus the recipient of the file gets the direct file by mail. The file expiration limit uploaded on this website is 30 days. You can also add a password to secure the file.  Its features are also given to you by ufile.


Filebin img

The Filebin website has a simple user interface that makes it easy for anyone to understand. And you can share its files without going to this website without registration or login. After uploading the file, you are given various features by FileBin. Such as setting a password on a file and sharing a direct file via QR code. The expiration of files uploaded to this website is 6 days.


Zippyshare img

zippyshare site is very famous for sharing files which allows you to share files easily. This website gives you the option to share files up to 500 MB And there is also an unlimited download limit for shared files so you can share these files with as many people as you like. This site does not require any registration or log-in like all websites.