How can I change my call log and backup my call log as well as restore it

Calls from many people will be coming to your phone And you may be calling a lot of people during the day. Sometimes you suddenly have to show someone the history of this course And you don't want to show them this history of my calls. You can change the history of calls without deleting the history of these calls so that the person does not know that this call history is true. You can change the time, day, name, number, and every detail in the history of these calls as well as the number of calls you have made to them and the call from them. By changing all this you can keep your call history private and in a word you can take care of your privacy.


All you have to do is install an Android app on your phone to change the history of these calls Which you can find on the google play store. The main purpose of this application is to manage the history of your calls. The app lets you easily manage the call history on your phone as well as you can back up the call history. And you can save this backup to your storage and in case of an accident or change of your phone, you can restore this backup to your new phone. This application will restore the call history in your old phone in the same way as the time, day, and time in the same way. 

To easily download the app, you need to go to the Google Play Store on your phone And in it, you have to search Call Log Editor And Backup. The app is only below 4MB so you can easily run it on any small or big phone without any problem. After installing this app you will be shown all the menus on its home screen. In this menu, you will first see a button named call log manager, and below it are two buttons named backup and restore.

Easily Change Call Logs

If you want to change the call history on your phone, you can change the call on your phone using the first button in the menu. You will first need permission to change history for the first time For that you can permit you by clicking on the Allow button. After giving this permission, all the call history on your phone will be shown there If you want to change any of the calls in this list you will be shown another menu as soon as you click on it. In which you will be shown to add call details. By changing the details of any of these calls you want to change, you can also click on the Update Name button and these details will be updated on your call details. That way, you can easily change the information of incoming and outgoing calls.

Backup and Restore Call Logs

Now let's talk about how we can backup as well as restore the history of calls with the help of this application. For that, you can back up the woman of your course by clicking on the button named backup shown on the home screen. You can store this backup in your mobile and use it to restore it anytime you want To restore this backup you can restore the backup using the restore button shown on the home screen of the application.

😌 You can Download this application from Google Play Store