Phonto Apk For Add Text on Photos

Photo editing has become one of the most popular occupations these days And so it is also considered entertaining and popular. Once you have taken any photos. Many types of editing are done to make it more beautiful and informative. One of them is to add Texts to the photo. You may have seen a lot of photos of people with a variety of beautiful Text added to them And this is something you also like sometimes. All you have to do is install an Android app on your smartphone if you want to add such Texts. Which allows you to add any type of text to the photo.

Phonto - Text on Photos

Easy to understand interface

The name of this Android application is Phonto. The application is designed to be easily accessible by the user. But the team that created the app has done an excellent job by providing a lot of special features. Users do not need much time to understand the application they can easily understand this application. As soon as you open the application you will be shown an empty white box. When you click on it, you will be asked which photo you want to select And you can add photos by going to the gallery to select your favorite photos, and then this photo will be shown to you directly in the application.

Different types of Tools

Once you have selected the photo you will see a separate screen for photo editing in this application You will find four types of tools in it. All these tools work differently. A pen-shaped tool is used to add Texts to a photo With the help of this tool the user can draw on the photo. If you want to add more than one photo to the application, you can add it. You can also save photos to your gallery after photo editing. You can share these edited photos of your friends directly on social media.

Different types of functionalities

Adding Texts to photos is not so easy. This feature is only available in most applications. Most of these users only use this application to add Texts. In this application, you will find more than 200 different Texts. Users can add any type of text to a photo, adding it to photo. Users can add Texts they like in this application manually For that they need to upload the phones in the application And then they can add Texts they like to the photo.

Features of user-friendly importance

Many features have been provided to make this application more popular among users.

  • You can manually install the Texts you like
  • Increase or decrease the size of the Texts
  • Can change the color of the Texts
  • Text shadow is changeable
  • Texts can be rotated from right to left as well as from left to right
  • stock color and thickness can also be changed
  • Text background can be changed
  • increase or decrease the spaces between Texts
  • increase or decrease the space between the Lines

😌 You can Download this application from Google Play Store